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Best Drawing Tablet for Kids

The best drawing tablet for kids can include all of the technology found in a grown-up tablet or pen display, but they are designed specifically for children, with simplified controls and sturdy casings.

What you should know is that whether you’re buying a new drawing tablet for a young child or an older child returning to school, you shouldn’t skimp on technology.

I’ve found all of the best drawing tablet for kids and, rather than presenting you with a list of options, I’ve organized them by recommended age to make things easier to navigate and to help you quickly get to your best options.

My list begins with a tablet for children aged 0 to 4, and then progresses to tablet for children aged 5 to 12.
Following that, the sophistication and specifications begin to rise as we look at drawing tablet suitable for teens with an interest in art; be aware that prices will begin to rise at this point.

Just because a drawing tablet is for kids doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality; that’s why you’ll find top gear from leading brands like Wacom, Huion, XP-Pen, Apple, and Samung here.
However, I understand that your budget may be a little tight right now, so there are some great options at lower prices, including older models that are perfectly suitable for children.

Do you require more options for your drawing tablet?

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What to look for when choosing the best drawing tablet for kids

When shopping for a drawing tablet for kids, consider exactly what you require to narrow down your options.
We’ve attempted to clarify some of the specifications above by providing you with a little more information about the main things to look for when shopping for a tablet.

Age compatibility

This is going to be your top priority, but getting it right may be more difficult than you think.
Naturally, you wouldn’t give a toddler a full-fledged iPad, nor would you give a teenager a fun kids’ tablet with no sophistication.
However, there are many grey areas in between, and you may want to consider future-proofing; it may be better to purchase a slightly more advanced tablet for your child so that they will get more use out of it in the long run.

As a rough guide, we’ve included age guides on the drawing tablet we’ve included here, and we’ve divided our list into sections to make it easier for parents to navigate.
But don’t be afraid to color outside the lines (pardon the pun) if you believe your child would benefit from a tablet designed for older children. Worst case scenario, it will take several years before they begin to use it.

Continue reading after the jump to learn about the various types of tablet for kids available.

Love art in general. I spend my free time drawing and sketching, mainly digitally now on drawing tablets. I created The Sketch Tab to give my advice to others, help them with their drawing and review some of the best drawing tablets on the market.
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