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Wacom Intuos Art Medium Pen and Touch Review
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Wacom Intuos Art Pen and Touch Drawing Tablet Review

If you’ve been looking for a good high-quality tablet for drawing that won’t have you dipping too deep into your savings, you might have experienced a lot of frustration. Many of the cheaper options available on the market leave a lot to be desired.

One affordable option is the Wacom Intuos Art Medium Pen and Touch, which is a popular choice with many artists and comes highly recommended for beginners as well. Let’s take a look at what makes this one of the best drawing tablet such a hit, as well as where it may fall short.

Wacom Intuos Art Medium Pen and Touch

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The Wacom Intuos Art Medium Pen and Touch is considerably smaller than the Pro version, which is why it’s cheaper. That doesn’t mean it’s inferior though, only more compact.

It’s a great choice for creating art, and the pen it comes with is much more lightweight than on other Wacom products.

This model is battery-free, and it features a pressure-sensitive pen. The pen will help you draw lines that are thinner or thicker, depending on the kind of pressure you apply. Works best on an Asus Chromebook

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Who is this product for?

Hobbyists, newcomers in the drawing tablet world and artists on a budget will benefit from using this particular tablet. It’s made from a light, flexible material and has a nice, sleek design.

It is easy to use, and you can create many works of art on it. In addition, if you want to do some photo editing, you can go right ahead, as the Wacom Intuos Art Medium can handle that too.

What’s included?

With this product, you’ll get a connecting cable so you can hook up your tablet to another monitor.

It also comes with a pen and some extra nibs for the pen. You’ll find the three extra nibs in the back of the tablet. Unfortunately, the Wacom Intuos Art Medium pen does not have the tilt recognition feature that many other tablets have.

The tablet’s housing has space for a wireless battery and dongle, but finding the wireless kit can be a mission. You might be able to find it online or on Amazon’s website, which might prove to be a pricey addition to your tablet.

This video will show you what to expect when you unbox your drawing tablet:

Overview of Features

Because this particular drawing tablet is smaller than the Wacom Pro version, it only comes with four buttons, unlike the eight buttons that the Pro tablet has.

However, remembering what all the buttons do (which can vary depending on the programs you’re using) can be difficult, so four buttons is a good idea.

There are also two buttons on the pen. You will be able to set one of these buttons to call up a ‘wheel’ that you can use to select a number of options.

You will also have drawing software included, so you can jump into creating drawings right away if you wish.

A nifty feature of the tablet is that you can hook it up to more than one monitor. Using two monitors splits the view of the drawing tablet, and you’ll see halves on each monitor. Of course, you can only physically use one at a time.


  • You can switch between left-handed and right-handed mode
  • Doesn’t respond to a hand resting on its surface
  • Extra nibs included
  • Easy to install Mac driver
  • Smooth drawing surface


  • Back cover can prove tricky to open and close
  • Replacing nibs can be rather difficult

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How to use the drawing tablet

This drawing tablet it really easy to use. If you’ve ever worked with any kind of drawing tablet, you will have no difficulty with this product. If this is your first time using a drawing tablet, you’ll find there are more benefits to it than just drawing and editing pictures.

This video is very informative on how to use your drawing tablet:

Alternative Drawing Tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro

Wacom Intuos Pro

If this guy is just too small for you or isn’t what you’re looking for, you should consider checking out the Wacom Intuos Pro. It has a nice big work area, which is ideal if you’re not comfortable with a smaller interface.

The pen included with this drawing tablet is very responsive, and you can tweak the sensitivity to suit your specific needs. It also has that cool tilt recognition feature that the Wacom Intuos Art Medium lacks.


When you consider the Wacom Intuos Art Medium drawing tablet’s size and price, you have a really good product on your hands. It is easy to use and get used to, the pen included isn’t very heavy, and it has 3 extra nibs included.

It offers an affordable way to interact with your computer and whip up some art. If you’re in the market for a trusted drawing tablet that is both affordable and easy to use, this Wacom model is just the product for you.


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